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Freann Financial Services Ltd Leasing Division (FFSLLD) – this division is a national equipment lessor dedicated to supporting small ticket (under $250,000) equipment vendors, distributors and manufacturers by providing access to convenient, competitive and efficient financing to customers of their products. FFSL is dedicated to providing convenient point of sale financing solutions to help small ticket equipment vendors, distributors and manufacturers, shorten the sales cycle and facilitate the close of a potential sale.

Based in Accra, FFSLLD has serviced the needs of its vendors, customers and brokers since its formation in 2008. Throughout its inception, FFSLLD has kept pace with the ever-changing economy to develop innovative leasing programs, professional marketing support and easy-to-use leasing tools for our clients.

FFSLLD is a full service leasing division – funding and servicing all leases that it originates. FFSLLD has established working relationships with more than 3,000 vendors of all sizes from across the Ghana and Worldwide. Over the years, FFSLLD has booked and serviced over 60,000 leases with an equipment cost value of more than $100 million.

FFSLLD’s senior management has vast experience in the leasing industry. These executives have designed creative lease programs to keep pace with the ever-changing marketplace.

For more information, please feel free to call one of our FFSLLD Account Executives or e-mail info@ffslghana.com.