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Profile and History

In response to the Ghana Government’s overall strategy to develop the country’s financial markets, FFSL was established in 2008 as a financing company. Its objective was to facilitate the growing need for equipment and other capital goods necessitated by sustained growth in the economy.

Freann Finance Company Ltd is a limited Liability Company specializing in arranging finance to customers buying motor cars from dealers nationwide, Leasing & Hire Purchase, Factor Services, Brokerage Services, Agents, Mortgage Financing, Short ,Medium and Long Term Loan Financing, Equity Financing, Management Advisory and Consultancy Services and Pre & Post Shipment Financing .


Business Objectives

  • To provide lease or hire purchase financing to the private sector
  • To collaborate with other financial institutions both local and international to underwrite larger financing type transactions
  • To provide mortgage finances for its customers
  • To broker deals between international manufacturers and local suppliers and also serve as agents or manufacturers representatives for international manufacturers
  • To provide pre or post shipment financing for its clients.
  • To provide short, medium or long term loan financing to its clients
  • To factor deals for other companies
  • To provide management advisory and consultancy services for its clients and other potential customers
  • To specialize in the provision of financing to the small and micro sectors of the economy.



Mandate and Mission Statement

To maximise FFSL’s success in creating and growing long term viable business in the provision of finance, achieve attractive returns for shareholders and implement ethical best practice.

In pursuit of this mandate the company strictly adheres to the following Business Principles:

  •   To be open and honest in its dealings, whilst respecting commercial and personal confidentiality.
  •   To be objective, consistent and fair with all its stakeholders.
  •    To be a good corporate citizen, demonstrating integrity in each business and community in which it operates as well as being carefully sensitive to environmental issues.
  •    To respect the dignity and well-being of all its employees and other people with whom it is involved.
  • To operate professionally in a performance oriented culture and be committed to continuous improvement of its services.
  • To make a contribution to the social and economic development of Ghana.
  • Services and or products that your company offers to customers (With detailed description).


Affiliations :

Organization in special Consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) 2013

United Nations Global Compact

Western Finance Association

Auto & Fleet Leasing Association

UNCTD – World Investment Network


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Al-Ghurair & Solaris – Dubai, UAE, Poland

Ozenir Milling Machinery Industries & Trade Company – Turkey

Karmod Prefabricated Industries – Turkey

Broadgate Group – London, UK

Labline – Medical & Diagnostics Limited – India

IBE Electronics & Co. Limited – China

Almana Foods Limited UAE


M & A Awards Financial Service firm of the year 2013

M & A Awards Finance Arranger of year 2014

M & A Awards Recognized Leader in Brokerage Services Ghana 2015